About Me

I am a still-life photographer specialising in drinks, cosmetics, and jewellery photography. I am based in the UK with easy travel access to London. I would describe my work as bold and graphical, with a focus on detail. I strive to bring the subject to life, whether it's through combining liquid splashes, building elaborate sets to tell the story or utilising dramatic lighting to make the product stand out as the hero. 

In addition to providing photographic services, we also offer post-production, set design and building, and styling. This means that regardless of the subject or brief, we can cover most aspects of the project.

Let’s collaborate and work on bringing your project to life and make some incredible images. 


200 best photographers Edition 11 -  Lurzer's Archive

Hasselblad masters  - Finalist

One Eyeland still life photographer - Finalist

One Eyelid Best of the best photographers book

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